All services are interlinked to make your rail transportation simpler and more reliable: Together with the 24/7 emergency hotline, parts & component management and the European depot network, we also offer a full range of reliably interlinked support: from financing and insurance via preventive maintenance, vehicle upgrades and repairs through to documentation, RAILPOOL gives you genuine full service from a single source. To keep you and your goods moving reliably.

Operating lease by RAILPOOL:

  • Flexible leasing periods
  • without capacity utilisation risk
  • Financed by RAILPOOL
  • off your balance sheet

"All risk" vehicle insurance:

  • Payment of damage repairs (with customer deductible of 10,000 Euro)
  • Independent insurance handling

Vehicle upgrades in the European depot network:

  • Configuration according to country packages and specific applications
  • Upgrades with technical updates and further developments

Punctual completion of maintenance work in the European depot network:

  • Planned inspections
  • Replacement of spare and wear parts
  • Timing adjusted to locomotive operations and routes

Phone contact round the clock with the RAILPOOL locomotive experts:

  • Fault analysis with qualified remote diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting with professional instructions for the train driver

Maintenance work carried out in the European depot network:

  • Short-term problem solving
  • Operational capability restored by partner depots throughout Europe

Short-term procurement of all required spare parts and components with professional management:

  • Downtimes reduced by centrally controlled warehousing logistics
  • Comprehensive main warehouse with strategically positioned warehouse sites throughout Europe

Workshop network supported by RAILPOOL experts:

  • Training and further qualification of the technical staff at each specific site
  • Professional support for the partner depots on site

Provision, updating and further development of all necessary documents:

  • Maintenance documents
  • Operating records
  • ECM certification (Entity in Charge of Maintenance)