Railpool delivers another TRAXX AC3 Last Mile locomotive to HSL Logistik GmbH

Hamburg/Munich, 3rd January 2017

Shortly before Christmas, Railpool delivered a second TRAXX AC3 ‘Last Mile’ locomotive to HSL Logistik GmbH in Hamburg. Together with the previous electric engine, currently the latest model, it will be comprehensively used by HSL for goods transport within Germany and Austria and is capable of being used in non-electrified rail sidings, connections and terminals.

This is made possible by a high-performance Last Mile module made up of a diesel motor and additional battery, ensuring that the operator can cover non-electrified areas and save having to use shunting locomotives and diesel engines in many places.

Haiko Böttcher, Managing Director of HSL Logistik, said:

“The TRAXX AC3 Last Mile allows us to offer a new flexible production concept, in turn allowing us to increase our competitive edge. With Railpool as a reliable full-service partner, we can retain our high-end tailor-made logistics solutions and can offer our clients the best possible transport service.”

“We are happy to be further expanding our long-standing partnership with HSL,” said Torsten Lehnert, CEO of the Railpool Group.

HSL and Railpool have proven in a joint analysis that CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced using this production method due to the higher efficiency class of the diesel aggregate and the smooth transition.

Happy faces at the ceremonial handover of the TRAXX AC3 LM (187 307) to HSL Logistik on 21.12.2016 in Hamburg (photo: Railpool) 

 (left to right: Haiko Böttcher, Managing Director - HSL Logistik, Jan Bach, Sales Manager - Railpool, Björn Pirr, Authorised Representative - HSL Logistik, Jörg Frank-Marquardt, Head of Sales - Railpool) 


About HSL Logistik:

HSL Logistik GmbH (HSL) is a registered railway transport company based in Hamburg. It is also the largest privately owned railway transport company in Germany.

The company focusses on regional and supra regional rail freight transport as well as construction rail services and shunting services in the Hamburg, Rostock and Rotterdam harbour areas. Further business areas include training for engine drivers, wagon technicians and shunters.

HSL is active in Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands among other countries. In 2016, the company transported 12 million N/T, equivalent to approximately 300 trains per week.

HSL Logistik GmbH operates a locomotive park currently with 37 line locomotives and 7 shunter engines.

In 2017, HSL intends to expand their transport services in Europe and operate up to 380 trains per week. In order to maintain service load, the HSL Academy was founded a year ago. 36 retrainees are currently training to become engine drivers.


About Railpool:

RAILPOOL is one of the leading rail vehicle hire companies with a real skill for a complete service approach. The company was founded in Munich in 2008 and is currently active in 20 European countries.

With over 160 electric engines (and investments of approx. 730 million euros), RAILPOOL is one of the largest providers in Europe.



Jörg Frank-Marquardt, Railpool GmbH, Phone:      +49 89 5108 577-110